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It’s 11:00 at night here, and I should be going to bed.  However, I can’t let summer go by without posting at least one summer recipe.  Even in Texas, where temperatures are all too often over 100 degrees, summer is my favorite season, so I’m going to post a very simple recipe before it ends today. 

The cucumber and tomato salad comes from a book Ben’s mother bought for him in Kitchen Witch in New Orleans.  Ben would say it is not even really a recipe that can be followed, and he is correct.  He handed me a cookbook when I asked for direct measurements to post it on this blog, and he had me read a section that I’d forgotten he’d shown me the night he prepared this salad.  To quote just a portion of this section on salads from this cookbook:

“Italians would find any discussion of something called ‘salad dressing’ very puzzling. . . .According to one of them [an old folk saying], to make a good salad you need four persons: a judicious one with salt, a prodigal one with the oil, a stingy one with the vinegar, and a patient one to mix it  You do not need to know very much more than that to make a proper Italian salad.”

The quote is taken from page 404 of The Classic Italian Cookbook: The art of Italian cooking and the Italian art of eating by Marcella Hazen, and this version was published in 1976.  If you have never tried a cucumber and tomato salad, I hope you will give it a try, especially on a warm summer evening with a glass of white wine and a light summery dish (I can’t remember the main course we had the evening we ate this salad!).


  • 4 vine tomatoes
  • 2 cucumbers
  • Olive oil to taste (Start with three or four tablespoons)
  • Red wine vinegar to taste (Start with a small amount, a few splashes  from the bottle)
  • Salt (I like quite a bit, but you definitely want to stir and taste as you add in the salt) and ground pepper to taste
  • (Optional) Tablespoon of curly parsley

Goodbye summer, long days of sunlight, swimming, and traveling.  Sigh. . .