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Football and the Texas State Fair are two things that come to mind when Texans think of fall. I rarely watch football, but when my husband starts to make hearty soups and buys sausage and cheese, I know that it is football time. And the fair, well, I never used to go to, but my brother-in-law’s family has always gone, and so it has become a tradition for our family to go for my older sister’s birthday.

This year my sister’s birthday fell on game day, University of Texas vs. Oklahoma State University. This is not unusual. I have spent six hours (usually it takes four) driving home after game day in Dallas, but it’s always worth it. When we arrived at the fair this year, the game had just ended and as far as the eye could see, waves of burnt orange and maroon milled about the fair grounds. It’s quite a site to see.  Dodging our way through the burnt orange and maroon, the first thing we did was head over to where Big Tex was waving down at everyone and we got in line for a corny dog.

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs

I had a mission this year for this blog.

Corny Dog

I wanted to try as many fried foods as possible and post photos of them, so the corny dog was just the beginning.

Deep Fried Moon Pie-A Southern delicacy

The Texas State Fair has been going on since 1886 and while Fletcher’s Corny Dogs have been around for quite awhile, frying all kinds of food has only recently become a trademark of the Texas State Fair.

Fried Bread Pudding

One would think  that an afternoon and a good portion of the evening would be enough time to try most of the fried foods at the fair, but it really is not.

Fried Cheesecake

I missed out on fried Oreos, fried bubble gum, fried Twinkies, and many others.  I can’t say I was too upset; I was starting to feel a bit sick.  The fried food is fun, but most of it did not taste that different to me than what the food item would taste like if it had not been fried.  My recommendation would be to try one fried food item at the fair just for fun.

Fried Frito Pie

I liked the fried Frito pie best this year.

Fried Frito Pie is best with sour cream and hot sauce

Even though I was scrambling to try fried foods, I also had a great time just being at the fair and doing some of the other activities.  Fair Park is a beautiful park and it was such a lovely day that it was nice just to walk around.

Flowers and fountain

Turtles Sunning

As we were leaving, we felt full on fried food, so this and the light show going on had us walking out of the fair pretty slow.  Before we managed to escape, one of the fireworks lit the whole fair grounds and up ahead we saw it: the fried beer sign beckoning to us.  We were forced to sample one more fried dish.

Fried Beer

Beware, the beer is hot!

I had a good time trying to sample all the fried foods, but I’m already thinking next year I would like to do a blog on the traditional foods of the Texas State Fair.

Beans and Cornbread

Cotton Candy

But until next year,

I’ll be trying to walk off all the fried food I ate this year.