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Galveston in August with B’s parents

Summer is out, and fall is in.  I walked into the grocery store this morning and displays with orange, deep red, and light brown greeted me.  Gone already are the cool colors of summer: light blue, white, and bright yellow.   Facebook posts are about football, and Ben has started to cook lentils and other foods he likes in the fall; fall is his favorite season.  But, I always kinda miss summer, even Texas’ summer.

Creme Brulee and chocolate cake in Traverse City, Michigan

Flower market near Traverse City, Michigan

Summer dining in Chicago with my dear friend and sister

Michigan lighthouse

Truthfully, I, too, have made the transition.  I’ve stepped into the classroom and almost adjusted to my more structured schedule.  I’ve brought out the pumpkin spice candle (okay, don’t really have one yet) and burned all of the French Market candle (it’s actually my favorite, so it pretty much burns year round).  I’m usually ready for the transition to a new season: the new color displays in windows and the novelty of the new weather.  This summer just seemed to go by so quickly, so I posted a few photos of summer before it is completely over (September 21st, darn it!).

Summer sunset