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I love breakfast tacos.  I think it’s a requirement if you live in Texas.  In fact, I considered starting a blog devoted to the best places to buy breakfast tacos in Texas; I still might have to do that.

Anyway, B made breakfast tacos for me last weekend.  He just throws things like this together and doesn’t understand why I put them on my blog.  I understand his feeling because really it is just bacon and eggs and tortillas.  However, if you’re like me, even messing up something like scrambled eggs is not a difficult feat.  I have learned, from watching B, to mix the eggs together in a bowl with about a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream (instead of milk), pepper, and a little salt before cooking them.  Then cook on low heat until they are ready. While he does this, he makes the bacon.  When both are finished, he stirs the bacon in with the eggs and we heat up the tortillas (I prefer corn) in the oven. I used Taco Cabana salsa on these tacos.  Next to the salsa B makes, Taco Cabana’s salsa might just be my favorite.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Tacos and black beans