Me and the camera I use

It was my father who encouraged my love of photography .  In the eighties, my father worked at Kodak in Rochester, New York, and as a result, we had a freezer full of film that my parents gave away as Christmas presents; even better, my dad would bring home cameras for us to try out.  I remember the first photos I took that I loved: a red tulip in our backyard and another of my younger sister sitting on a swing reading a book in the park near our house.  I was sold on photography, and my dad encouraged me by giving me the best camera I’ve ever owned.  It was a Fujica STX-1 with a light meter that you could see through the view finder. I still often take it on trips with me, thinking I might take some photos with it, but I haven’t used it in years.

One of the most helpful things in my learning how to take photos was that the light meter in that camera broke.  After that, my dad bought me a hand held light meter and a book on photography to help me measure light.  Even though the light meter was great, I didn’t always have time to take it out when I wanted to take a photo, so I learned how to measure light by guessing, in addition to what I learned from the book.  I poured over that book, but a lot of it was over my head; however, I did gather a basic understanding of the shutter and f/stop. That is pretty much my background knowledge in photography, but I hope to take some classes soon.

My favorite things to photograph are: people, cities, and food.

The photo above is me in New Orleans while looking in the mirror at the hotel where we were staying.  That’s the camera I use now.  The only editing tools I use with frequency are contrast, brighten, and crop.