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Both my photos for the weekly photo challenge were taken while I was living in Italy quite a few years ago.  The first one of the man at the Spanish Steps has always been one of my favorites although I realize the lighting is not great and, ideally, it would have been taken at a closer range and it’s too blurry.  Still. . .it’s always been one of my favorites because I took the photo on a drizzly night right before Christmas when I was feeling quite homesick myself.  I loved being in Italy, but I also often missed my family, my boyfriend at the time (now husband:), and friends.  I also missed too much about Texas and the States to name: a language that I knew, Taco Cabana, stores that were open 24 hours, driving on highways late at night with the windows open, bookstores.  So, despite Italy being one of the best experiences of my life, I related very much to the man in this photo.

Man with camera at Spanish Steps

The second photo was taken while I was living in Italy, but it was taken in Brussels.  A friend and I were waiting for another friend, and so I was killing time by taken photos. I took this of myself using the mirror behind the bar.

Me at the bar