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My sister was in town this weekend for the Texas Book Festival, which was great, by the way, and we made Halloween cupcakes.  Before going to the festival Sunday, we both had a lot of work to do, so Saturday evening we were sitting in the living room, and both of us were surrounded by papers.  My legs were cramping, so naturally, after about one hour (that’s all I could take) of this torture, we decided to make Halloween cupcakes.  We turned on Pandora and listened to The Lumineers and David Grey (not really Halloween music) and got out the Easy Frost by Pillsbury, great for people like me who want to make really pretty flowers on their cupcakes but lack the hand eye coordination.  We also used a sparkly squeeze icing for the black strips.

To make the spider webs, I used the black glitter icing to make a spiral circle.  Then I used a toothpick and kinda dragged it from the center to the edge of the cupcake to create the lines.